City – Donor

Exhibition entitled “City – Donor”, dedicated to Baron Vincenzo Lucchese Salati, donor of old maps and prints to the Leventis Municipal Museum.

Baron Vincenzo Lucchese Salati is an architecture professor at the Venice University. A visit to the Leventis Municipal Museum in the early 1990s and his love for Cyprus and its history were enough to push him to a series of donations of artifacts related to the history of Cyprus, such as maps and prints. His first donation came in 1996 when a print was delivered by a student of the Venice University Architecture Department, along with a message from the Baron on his intent to donate further items. Since then he has donated over 30 artifacts.

Venue: Pandora’s Box, Leventis Municipal Museum



    Το «Παράθυρο» είναι το πολιτιστικό ένθετο της εφημερίδας Πολίτης [Κύπρος] και του διαδικτυακού πόρταλ Ειδήσεις, συνεντεύξεις, συναντήσεις, ρεπορτάζ, ήχοι, εικόνες – κινούμενες και στατικές, κριτικές προσεγγίσεις, λοξές ματιές. Βλέπουμε το δέντρο, δεν χάνουμε το δάσος

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